About Us

Gab’s Africa funerals is solely owned by Gab’s Africa Group Pty Ltd. The group directors are professional funeral executives, financial planners, New Business Premium auditors and Sales & Marketing experts with years of experience in the burial services and long term insurance experience from the top three financial services company in South Africa


Ceremonial practices around death, as practiced by South African Funeral Homes are leaving a growing segment of the population feeling poorly served. Gab’s Africa Group’s vision is to develop, dene and dominate a new category of funeral provider in South Africa which is about Celebration of life well lived in a dignied manner and social support to bring closure and move.


The mission of the Gab’s Africa Group is to bring people together to Celebrate life when it ends and to move on with living.


We demand the best uncompromised customer service out of ourselves through relationship building and customer experience. We want to be known as the Symbol of Perfection.

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